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Our Top Picks From Kylie Jenner's Million Dollar Handbag Collection

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner’s handbag collection, worth an estimated one million dollars, is exactly what dreams are made of. From vintage catwalk Chanel, to limited edition Louis Vuitton...

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner’s handbag collection, worth an estimated one million dollars, is exactly what dreams are made of. From vintage catwalk Chanel, to limited edition Louis Vuitton and extremely rare Hermes, not to mention all the other incredible brands - we have serious envy over Kylie’s handbag closet.

Kylie has a closet especially dedicated to her collection of purses which is said to hold over 500 bags. Her collection includes bags she was given as a young child, as well as collectors pieces she has invested in that are treated like works of art – as they should be!

We’ve taken a closer look into Jenner’s collection, to share some stand out pieces that we’re absolutely in love with. 


Hermes Micro Kelly Sterling Silver 925

Kylie Jenner Wearing Hermes Mini Kelly Sterling Silver

Up first is the stunning vintage 925 sterling silver Hermes Micro Kelly, arguably one of the rarest bags in the world. This bag was just 1 out of 5 Hermes bags that Kylie was gifted for Christmas 2019, and we’ve estimated it to be worth approximately £125,000 - not surprising as the bag is believed to be 1 of only 20 pieces when they were produced.


Kylie Jenner Wearing Chanel vintage heart bag

Next up is another vintage piece, this time from Chanel. The heart vanity case from Spring Summer 1995 is iconic, and famously known for the campaign shots featuring supermodel Claudia Schiffer holding the bag taken by Karl Lagerfeld himself. Other celebs that own this bag include Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. The market value of this bag today reaches over £10,000.


Hermes Birkin Dalmatian

Hermes Birkin 35 So Black On Kylie Jenner

Hermes Birkin Orange Suede Doblis

Kylie’s extensive Birkin collection is quite impressive. Forget your classic black or gold togo, Kylie has amounted a collection of quite a few rare pieces. The three that standout to us the most include her Birkin 25 Dalmatian (approx value £25,000), Birkin 35 So Black with it's all black hardware (approx value £30,000) and her stunning orange suede Doblis Birkin (approx value £15,000) - they’re just to die for! 


Kylie With Hermes Kelly 20 Mauve Sylvester Epsom

Hermes Mini Kelly 20 Rose Azalee Stormi

Lusting over Kylie’s extensive collection of Hermes doesn’t stop there. Despite their practicality, micro bags are trending and Jenner is a huge fan of this look. Our two mini favourites from her collection are her Hermes Kelly 20’s in Mauve Sylvester Epsom and Rose Azalee Epsom (we think Stormi is a fan too).


Louis Vuitton Miroir Collection Bag

Kylie Jenner Louis Vuitton silver keep all

Louis Vuitton’s 2006 limited edition Mirior collection took the brand’s classic monogram and transformed it into a metallic masterpiece, so it’s not surprising that Kylie has a selection of the bags in her wardrobe. The collection came in silver and gold and included Louis Vuitton’s most popular and recognisable styles including: Keepall, Alma, Speedy, Papillon and Pochette. The front-runner for us is the silver Keepall 50. Ever since the collection launched this has been seen as an ‘it’ bag, and the demand for it still continues today.


Hermes Kelly Himalaya Kris and Kylie Jenner

Finally, the Himalayan Kelly is not only Kylie’s favourite, but it’s ours too. Hermes Himalaya’s bags are named after the similarities in their graduated colouring, to the top of the snow-capped Himalaya mountains. Each bag is one of a kind due to the creation process, so no two bags will share the same colouring or shading. This bag is timeless and again, a collectors piece, so very hard to come by- especially a Kelly. Currently the market value for Kylie’s Himalaya would be an estimated £150,000.

To request to purchase any of the pieces you’ve seen in Kylie’s fabulous collection, get in touch with us here.



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